Consulting services

Mobile apps & content management

  • Mobile App Creation
  • State of the art Content Management System
  • Industry Experts
  • ISO9002 and Award-Winning Developers
  • Fast, Reliable and Affordable

Video content & production

  • Media household names carefully construct content at a rapid turnaround rate
  • Producing High quality built for multi media platforms
  • Customised editing (aligned with the brand) producing magnificent visual impacts.
  • Surprisingly Affordable

Media training

  • Industry experts come together to offer money-back guaranteed media training.
  • Television, radio and social media courses
  • Beginner to Advanced level
  • Crisis communications and how to handle the media
  • Understand the media and the law

Consultancy & data interpretation

Data is meaningless unless it is interpreted accurately.

Acumen Media’s Army of experts takes the data and assists with strategic decision making across all media.

The consulting services are designed to uplift and amplify strategy in all its forms