Feed Rural KZN



A local citizens' movement to feed the hungry during #LockDownSA.
Please donate using the banking details below,
or contact us if you can assist with Food Supply

Account Details:
Bank: FNB
Account number: 62835246209
Account name: Tonya Khoury PTY LTD
SWIFT (International): FIRNZAJJXXX
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ThisisacumenJuly 2, 2020 at 6:42pm
#PresidentialImbizo Tanks Ramaphosa’s Sentiment

An Thisisacumen Report 3rd July 2020 (Seven Days)

Bulelani Qholani is his name, say his name #BulelaniQholani, this is the name of the man who most media houses referred to as “naked man”. Bulenani was forcibly removed from his shack (not house - shack), he was naked as he was in the middle of washing himself, when he was dragged out into local street, beaten viciously by SAPS, without a warrant, and then his shack was burnt to the ground in the same manner that his dignity was crushed by what can only be described as the most heartless and outrageous story this week. #HisNameIsBulelaniQholani.
During a time when the country is fighting to eat, let alone find a suitable living environment, South Africa, well Cape Town decided it was time to pull down illegal dwellings, in the harshest of winters. What is wrong with us? Did they need the land to build a hospital, because that is not even justification for the treatment of this human being? How dare you #CityofCapeTown how dare you practically sentence this man to a life on the street after stripping him of every ounce of human dignity? In my opinion it’s time for #CapeTownMustFall (sorry my nice CT friends and there are many of you but can you step in here?)
My most annoying story of the week? The #PresidentialImbizo, I want to know who organised it because I would like to bill them for the nation’s time please? When I read the idea of a virtual Imbizo with #Ramaphosa I was elated. The President finally heard us, we need to talk to him, my mind rejoiced! I stopped watching Fawlty Towers (yes, I’m at that stage, I need to laugh desperately) and picked up my phone to make my comments known. And then, the pure shambles and waste of time hit my screen, what a shocking attempt at virtual radio. That’s all this was guys - a virtual radio station. If you have any idea of the media houses (and you shouldn’t really) they are SLICK. Taking questions and answers and debating content is what they do for a living. How is it even possible that the media houses were nowhere to be found at this catastrophic attempt at a dialogue with the President? They said they couldn’t get them on the line!
Listen, let me tell you a little secret, I’ll let you into the backroom of media for a second, indulge me. Read More
ThisisacumenJune 26, 2020 at 2:42am
We are trying something new with the weekly media report with Tonya Khoury

Check out the video: http://www.acumenmedia.net/the-prioritisation-of-murders/
ThisisacumenJune 26, 2020 at 2:18am
Tonya Khoury unpacks a week of #FarmMurders vs #Femicide #AllMurdersMatter


March 12, 2020 at 8:27pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens https://t.co/dydj8fLJ7g
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
We fetched our nationals from #WuHan, surreal to see our President walking with a face mask at ORT. #Limpopo is in uproar that the repatriated citizens are being placed in a quarantined hotel in their province. @ThisIsAcumen Report Pt12 https://t.co/vnjbJ2Dmty
March 12, 2020 at 8:27pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens https://t.co/fmGDSDOSj9
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
#coronavirus feels like a #ZombieApocalypse, yet we are repeatedly told this is “just a bad dose of flu”, most of us will survive and be good to go in two weeks or so”, so why are we locking down total countries? I must say I think I smell a rat. @ThisIsAcumen Report Pt12 https://t.co/PRyCH1XaJK
March 12, 2020 at 8:27pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens https://t.co/IwKnFnjXv3
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
So here we are, the world economies are tanking, #toiletpaperwars, mass confusion and a conversation that produced over 671m results in one week. Yes 671 million! Here in SA over 1.2m people are talking about it in a 7 day period.
@ThisIsAcumen Report Pt11 https://t.co/9iBv6pMWdD
March 12, 2020 at 8:26pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens https://t.co/KIamTh6TTj
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
#Trump tells the world #Covid_19 has little impact on “American People” & declared “war on the FOREIGN virus”. Do you mean Caucasian people? #AskingForAFriend because you don’t get much whiter than the UK, Donnie. @ThisIsAcumen Report Pt10 https://t.co/xVoWm2N5H0

Who We Are?

We started this project as a group of locals that were very concerned about the impact of CoVid 19 on the very rural parts of our country.  Some have come and gone along the journey but the following people are currently working on #FeedRuralKZN:

Lungisani Thebe Nxumalo
A community development worker in Ward 5 Cogta, Deputy Chairperson of Lake Sibaya Conservation and Development Trust, member of Mabasa Traditional Council Authority with Tribal Council. Local citizen

Naeem Kharwa
Local Business Representative: Newcastle Distribution (PTY) LTD 2017/159358/07 T/A Devland Cash and Carry.  We call him Salmaan and he would prefer not to have any publicity. Local citizen

Tonya Khoury
Entrepreneur and business owner of Tonya Khoury PTY LTD 2019/5468/78 T/A Acumen Media.  Local citizen

Where are we?

Many would recognise the name Sodwana Bay, a tourist destination for diving and fishing part of iSimangaliso Game Reserve.  The closest town is called Mbazwana and is 10km from Sodwana.  Mbazana is also a service point for Lake Sibaya and the surround areas of Mbazwana.  Ward numbers  2,3,5 and 7 of Umhlabuyalingana Municipality

What is the problem at large?

We are trying to feed a large community in a rural area that was supported by social grants in the past.  These people were hungry before lockdown.  Most don’t work but those that do work, are crafters who make tourist gifts like baskets and carvings, wash cars etc. there is no tourism now and those that lived hand to mouth no longer are able to eat. (Not that they were really eating before to be fair).  There are many generations living under one roof and close proximity is mandatory. Limited access to social media so only small amount of education has passed on about the preventative measures.   There is no money for soap, let alone an education mechanism to teach people what to do. 

What have we done so far?

We have received permissions with the kind help of Rudi Hillermann (Senior Manager, KZN Dept of Co-operative Governance & Trad Affairs) after seeing he saw a social media post.  The assistance came from   Themba Mlambi Special Projects Kzn.  We have successfully achieved the following:

  • Government, Police and the Tribal Council have agreed to allocate venues for packing and storage that are both secure and CoVid19 Friendly
  • We have the volunteers for packing
  • We have police security to man the packing stations and keep people from a health risk
  • The spaces allocated can accommodate packaging of 10 000 units.
  • Each unit (or Combo) contains the following:
    • 10kg maize
    • 10kg rice
    • 10kg Samp
    • 400g Soup
    • 750ml Oil
    • 70g Spice
    • 1 Pack of Soap

The above combination should feed a family of a minimum of four for three weeks, maybe more.

  • Logistics are arranged by the local police under the guidance of the Commander in Chief.  Delivery will be done door to door rather than at one point to keep health risk to a minimum.
  • We have put our goods on standby order awaiting funding
  • We have been given authority to operate as “Special Services” in conjunction with the Police and the Tribe
  • We have a social media campaign running that was boosted by radio and television broadcast (specifically ENCA prime time).  We have 180 journalists that may be interested in carrying a good news story for a change!
  • Currently all donations are being made to Tonya Khoury’s company account this is being managed by a bookkeeper and reconciled daily.  To date we have collectively managed to get out at least 100 additional packs at the time of writing, however it is very important that we scale up this operation quickly, there are at least 10,000 people living here (conservative).  They were hungry before lockdown.
  • We have a database of phone numbers and ID numbers amounting to over 1200 people that have already asked for food that we cannot help. So we can vet these instantly
  • We have 22 staff members in Johannesburg donated to help field calls and Whatsapp
  • We have a current Database with approximately 1200 people

What do we need?

We urgently need payment for Food or a paid supply of food,  we have got food orders on standby.  We have got a quote to make 10,000 “Combos” at a price of R1,800,000 that can be delivered tomorrow if we have payment.  We don’t even need that much money, anything you can give us we will put to good use.  We have got a base price of R200 a unit but in bulk R180 will cover each unit.

We need educational videos or flyers to teach people about social distancing and hygiene IN ISIZULU, we tried and it is in the Annexures

We need water tankers to the four wards

We need WIFI hotspots in each ward to assist with keeping people informed and to relieve the boredom and possible breaking of the law.

If you have food or these resourced as an organisation, can be arranged to one central point in Mbazwana (two and half hours drive from Richards Bay / Four Hours from Durban) then we have no need for cash, we are all willing to get involved locally.