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Acumen Media’s #TheGood, #TheBad, (#TheBrand) and #TheHaibo!
Week Ending 17th January 20, 7 Day Insights

How on earth is Tonya Khoury supposed to wrap up what happened in the past week into one page? Good heavens world you certainly delivered devastating media to join our 2020 celebrations. We started with the nukes on the table – those were meant to just be fireworks! Here's her wrap of the week:

THE GOOD: #BackToSchool was a delight for most and bored the rest of us (does that sound terribly mean?), #Lesufi was out in full force to ensure a relatively smooth start, apart from a few school torchings (and that’s the good news). Sasha-Lee Olivier is crowned Miss SA and #NatalieDuToit nominated for #Laureus – Go Nat!

THE BAD: #RichardMaponya’s death made headlines across SA with most referring to him as the #FatherOfBlackBusiness and the state funeral commenced. The cops that were meant to salute the man who revolutionised Soweto, ended up turning themselves into the stars of the show and not because they were any good. They were so bad we can’t stop laughing. Shame on you SAPS! (so funny though!)
#Eskom is playing musical chairs again (get it?) as #Makgoba takes over from #Mabuza and the unions call for #PravinGordhan’s head. Gordhan’s status amongst the Unions is pretty poor as he is also in the firing line for not bailing ot #SAA - that should be in the #GoodPile by the way! Telkom and Massmart retrenchments left a bleak start for SA’s workforce.
Our neighbour #Zimbabwe is suffering, what many are calling, a #SilentGenocide, are we ready to help our fellow man, why is there so little press in SA or are we going to do what we did last time and set them up in tents? #AskingForAFriend

THE BRAND: #KyalamiEstates must take the brand fail of the year, how #BMW or #Mercedes or any other car company didn’t catch onto this trend, I don’t know. The story of many drunk, rich, white people in BMW’s fighting like amateur wrestlers (both men and women) was (and still is) a perfect opportunity to have fun with a car brand on social media. The story has enjoyed far too much airtime, showing that Saffers just don’t want the holiday fun to stop and good on ‘em!
A word on the #ANC from a PR perspective, birthday parties are good and brand pride is good, but don’t spend so much money when the nation knows #Eskom is broke?! Isn’t that 101, make sure you have anticipated the backfire? Anyway Happy #108th!

THE HAIBO: The nationalisation of the #ReserveBank was a big story this week as #Mboweni went against grain, by saying that it was a mistake to nationalise SARB. His comments went down like a lead balloon. He was also lambasted openly by the ANC for comments he made on Twitter regarding “economic reform now or face #junkStatus”. So, no love there, right? Wrong, #Mboweni has been promptly sent to #Davos to represent the President – Haibo!
#TshwaneCouncil meeting on a motions of no confidence failed to reach any conclusion as the meeting turned into a pub brawl as officials scrambled for power literally and figuratively. #Haibo
The FF+ won what? Yip they took #SchweizerReneke from the DA, Haibo!
It was not a happy new year for #JudgeZondo and his team as #Zondo berated the legal teams for causing #StateCaptureInquiry to adjourn due to poor paperwork #Haibo Oh and #Zuma has the #sheiks again, just in case you thought he was going to appear in front of the #ZondoCommission #Haibo
The whole #NECSA board resigned, what is that all about? #Gumede’s fraud case tally comes to almost R400m. YOH!
And, Devi has left #CarteBlanche aw, Haibo!

ACROSS THE WATERS: If you didn’t know about #Trump and #Soleimani, you were living on a remote island without reception. (Lucky fish!) In short, Trump killed someone who was pretty much like Madiba to Iranian people, General Soleimani, and Iran pulled out the nukes. Most speculate that Trump’s move was to save his seat from looming impeachment, then there was an air crash that Iran took responsibility for (it’s just not physically possible for them to have shot down the plane with the weapons cited btw.) now there are protesters in Iran… and of course now, we know don’t know what on earth is going on. Putin decided he’d like a government of one. (Haibo?) Mother nature wreaked havoc across the planet with volcanoes, earthquakes and massive fires. Oh, and the artist formerly known as Prince finally leaves home to get a job and a life, #Megxit
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Quarter 4 - #OBSCENE19

#Obscene19 OCTOBER
This was the month of the #DAImplosion. It started with #Maimane and the #Steinhoff funding and then we heard all was not well within the leadership of the DA. #TeaWithHelen did exactly what it was meant to do, just make noise in social media, Zille invited Malema for tea and obviously he said no. Nothing to see here folks; The #DA being their own worst enemy told #Maimane to quit. Many of the DA leaders came out to say that #Zille’s time is up however #Zille continues to fight for top dog position (and she got it – at the expense of our opposition); Good news spread across SA as the timeline filled with images of #Somizi’s wedding with #Mohale; #Madjozi bowled us over with her song making an appearance on the #EllenShow with #JohnCena
#SARS is back in the spotlight, again for the rogue unit and for the corruption issues that have unfolded at the organization. #RanjeniMunusamy being named as a journalist that was paid to manipulate the media;
#Springboks kept us happy this with brilliant performances in the #RWC, this despite the controversy surrounding #Etzebeth. Finally, the day came, and we saw #DuduzaneZuma in court, his appearance at #StateCaptureInquiry and the questions from the #ZondoCommission were batted by #Zuma and he denied almost every allegation against him. #Zondo has also called #JacobZuma to appear again at the inquiry; As foreign nationals gathered at the UN this week to leave SA, #Xenophobia re-entered the charts;
#Eskom received another bail out as the SOE fights for its life (oh yes this was yet another cash outlay);
#DuduMyeni, apparently too poor to fly to court, tried to dodge #OUTA; #GumedeRaid caught all our attention, if not just for the honey pot of cars found at her property that were seized by the AFU, tick tock, it seems time is up for many.

#Obscene19 NOVEMBER
#FafDeKlerk memes covered the media and SA national pride flourished as Springboks took the ticket to the #WCFinal. #SpringbokFever took hold and the nation donned green and gold wherever you looked, it was 1995 all over again. There was only one “Grinch” being #Ndlozi and really SA didn’t care. We loved it, every second and then we made the CUP! Raised high both on the field and off the field South Africa united and remembered what it was like to be one nation without the political rhetoric! The #StreetwiseWedding took social media by storm as a proposal turned into a fairy tale courtesy of SA’s social media. The couple received so many sponsorships that they needed auditors (also sponsored) to keep up with the gifts, we await the day to celebrate our #MzansiWedding. There were other stories in November but they all pale in comparison. The #EFF won the case brought by #PravinGordhan of #hatespeech in reference to #Malema calling #Gordhan a “white monopoly capital dog” and waging “war” on the Minister. #COJHack made me shake my head, their press statement says they “detected a network breach”, wonder what gave it away, could it be the front page of your website stating that you’ve been hacked?

#Obscene19 DECEMBER
It didn’t take long for the happiness to leave and #Nandos even told us we were being played with the ad #Mzansipoli, however we remain in the matrix as the Gauteng Mayors played musical chairs. #PreciousRamabulana raped and stabbed over 50 times, opens up the #16daysOfActivism campaign, I mean honestly, hear me women of SA and hear me clear, we must do this for ourselves sisters. #SelfDefence classes NEED to be free and taught from the youngest of ages. No one is helping us ladies, it’s down to us. Calling on Corporate SA who give a damn about women to rise and help us help ourselves. #GomolemoLegae, 18 years old, raped, stabbed and burnt alive? South Africa! Hey! Wake Up! #RiseSAWomen #Rise. Another random story, and I say random, because you only have to ask around you and you will learn of horror in your circle, a man was in court for 62 counts relating to various charges, including 19 counts of rape, 10 counts of kidnapping, one count of murder and nine counts of housebreaking, his youngest victim was 12 years old – how long has this monster been walking the streets, 62 counts don’t happen in 24hours SA, it’s time to do it ourselves, because all #AuntyPat has for us is a toll-free number! And then the lights went out, #Stage6 to #Stage8 as many said there are only five stages to grief, yet Eskom is on another level. #SAA went into business rescue; it only took 8 years or more and we saw the opulence of #Bosasa go under the hammer
The CSA had the C-Suite on turnstiles, that story still unfolding as we wait to hear what on earth the truth is behind the #CricketDebacle. DuduMyeni sues #OUTA for #ReputationalDamage. #OUTA have ensured that #Myeni never trades again as a director in South Africa. #BlackFriday was a hit with sales hitting R6BN!!!! That’s over double from last year – WOW, for brands involved it had little glitches and in comparison, to previous years, the madness was quelled well. I leave you with this as we wrap up a year of crazy media, there is a constant repetition in our story lines, most of which we can resolve by just standing united. May the Double 20’s brings us #StrongerTogether.
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Quarter 3 - #Obscene2019
#Obscene19 JULY
#BafanaBafana stunned the nation with their win over hosts Egypt, their loss against Nigeria didn’t sway our sentiment as we hoped to just make it through to the quarter finals, could it be a dream?
There were only few headlines in July that didn’t contain the words #PravinGordhan #EFF or #PublicProtector this week. The physical stand-off in parliament with a taunting EFF and a self-assured #Gordhan, made the #BudgetVote a horror as we have never seen before, even in #Zuma years;
The death of SA legendary actress and activist #NomhleNkonyeni broke our hearts. The biggest story this month has to be #ZumaTestimony at #ZondoCommission, the nation called for lozenges as Zuma coughed and spluttered throughout the testimony and then refused to return. In the history of these statistics, #MandelaDay has always been the top story it would take #Zuma and his #StateCapture meltdown to topple the world’s hero; You really can’t make this stuff up. Then the #SpiritOfTheGreatHeart left us, the death of #JohnnyClegg left a nation in mourning. #MarcBatchelor was allegedly assassinated in a brazen hit, many paid tribute but others used the term “you live by the sword” to dismiss yet another murder in SA. #JamesSmall’s death and subsequent rumours of a seedy end, left social media astonished.

#Obscene19 AUGUST
#Eskom’s R50Bn bailout left us astonished well, it left us astonished then, now it’s just par for the course. #Springboks drew to #NZ and we dared to dream. The shocking statistics hit the media about our work forced being unemployed by as much as 29%. It shouldn’t be news to us because each and every person in this country is trying to help an unemployed person in some way; #MissSA #hairdebate because of her natural “crown” and the #MetroFM poll sparked outrage amongst social users; #WomansDay left nothing to celebrate just a further struggle to free our women from the horrors of everyday SA life; #Gumede was in our faces most of the year but this is when we started to get really angry. #Amla’s retirement from cricket brought accolades from across the world. The DA’s campaign to #SaveJoziMayor was launched (well that worked 😊) #Gumede got the axe! #DerekHanekom’s lawyers tried to serve notice on #zuma for defamation but no one could find him – did they check Twitter? The #President scrambled as the #RamaphosaLeaks blew wide open with the resignation of #EFFMps and their “admission” to taking money from the #CR17 campaign. The #EstinaDairy case became more surreal, if that’s even possible as #StateCapture hit its one-year anniversary; The #ApartheidFlag was banned! Yay, then #Afriforum came to the defence of a symbol most South African’s despise; BOO! #LandReform is back on the chat group as we ask what happened to that? (in fact, what DID happen to that?) Our happiness came from the #NdlovuChoir as they won #AmericasGotTalent. #GavinWatson was killed in a solitary car crash with a pole. Not a single post believes the story up to today. #PretoriaCBD filled with violence, xenophobia, taxi violence and police retaliation; #StateCaptureInquiry saw a witness flee in fear for her life as the testimony about #AceMagashule got more intense; The #PublicProtector dropped her move to #Concourt making more senseless headlines. #Eskom got #Medupi up and running , one hashtag for you Medupi #Stage6 #Gumede resigned, oh wait no, Gumede retracted her resignation, you can’t make this stuff up, wasn’t she fired?;

#Obscene19 SEPTEMBER
Apparently, it all started with a drug dealer and a taxi driver, but the #XenophobicAttacks spiralled from there. It moved within 24hrs from a violent tale to a South Africa in chaos, blood on the streets and our name being brandished by international press about our own racist behaviour. Concurrently we heard of an endless set of harrowing stories where women and children were raped, murdered and shot. One woman is murdered by a man every 4 hours in SA. This time women took to the streets and called on the President to put an end to this tyranny against women and children with #AmINext - South Africa’s version of #MeToo.
#RobertMugabe passed on, #HlaudiMotsoeneng left #JudgeZondo in stitches as one couldn’t help but laugh at the animation of his character. Two awful stories crossed our charts #RIPNatasha, yet another slain woman and #DrosRape case. #Ninow pleaded guilty and the wheels of justice are turned. #RWC19 was one of the biggest stories in the world and little did we know it would be our biggest joy of #Obscene19. The untimely death of #ChesterWilliams left us hollow. #HeritageDay, SA reached some form of normality whilst we celebrated our heritage. Social media was flooded with beautiful images, thank you! The debacle between #PeterMoyo and #OldMutual in, out, in, out, shake it all about – what a story! #RoyalVisitSA filled timelines of images of the three royals as SA welcomed them in true African style while others were #Meh!
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Quarter 2 - #OBSCENE2019
#Obscene19 APRIL
Yet another recurring theme reared its ugly head, #Xenophobia. #Eskom continued to make headlines as #Gordhan addressed the nation claiming that we will not exceed Stage 1 #loadshedding (are you laughing?) . #stage1 in April #Stage6 by December – sounds like a bad novel. Talk of novels, #PieterMyburgh’s #GangsterState about #AceMagashule being #Mr10Percent was startling. #AlexTotalShutdown brought Johannesburg to a standstill and the #DA didn’t see the trap. #VBS re-entered the charts as more evidence emerged linking #Shivambu and the #EFF to the looting. #Elections2019 start to get very rough with #protests spreading throughout the country and #billboards taking over headlines; #PravinGordhan’s spat with the #PublicProtector made an impact about #SARSRogueUnit;
#KurtDarren’s butchered the #NationalAnthem and made SA laugh, we needed Darren though all the political noise; #IECRuling that #DA broke the electoral code of conduct by claiming that they fired #DeLille paved the way for “Good Party” that turned “ANC Minister”? The DA walked straight into the #AlexShutdown trap as #Mashaba refused to see the residents. #Ramaphosa brought many of the cabinet members to Alex in a political move that garnered votes. Mother nature created havoc. #Flooding across the KZN and Eastern Cape left the country devastated as the death toll rose #KZNFloods;

#Obscene19 MAY
#Elections2019 drowned out all other big media as we raced to the #8thMay #ElectionDay; #Multichoice took a step to #MuteSteveHofmeyr and he burnt his decoder, oh that was a cracker of a story, everyone’s favourite racist, why is he still here? Oh there was more, #Afriforum took on the #MandelaFoundation because they were banning the #OldSAFlag. With the #Elections over and the #ANC taking back its place as top dog, the nation jested that #loadshedding would start the following week, they weren’t far off. #DuduzaneZuma went to court, We held our breath for the #Cabinet2019 bracing for disappointment, but we were pleasantly surprised, and then there was #AuntyPat – what was that all about? Enter another big recurring story this year, the #PublicProtector, wow, she’s made an impact this year hasn’t she? #Eskom was on the hunt for a new CEO; (bwahahahahaha)

#Obscene19 JUNE
The #Proteas left the nation gutted as we hoped for #ProteaFire and we received nothing of the sort;
The #PublicProtector took to YouTube to attack #PravinGordhan and dismissed the SAA issue, neither of which was well received; Parliamentary resignations, some good, some not so good. Seven MPs exited over a week;
The nation rejoiced when #CasterSemenya stormed to victory both on the track and in the legal field;
#TitoMboweni the minister of #LuckyStar and his social media presence kept SA entertained
#ZindziMandela’s comments on Twitter made more impact than #Sona2019. #Zindzi started a heated discussion surrounding land just before the Presidential event and Twitter rose to her defence and others were furious as her commentary; #DuduMyeni made our jaws dropped at the brazenness and tyranny of the woman who destroyed #SAA – step in the room @OUTA. #BanyanaBanyana made it to the world cup but lost, they have been another national treasure!

That's Q2


November 27, 2019 at 7:18pm
And we're done in less than a few hours #Mbazwana is clean has water, sanitation and refuse. It's incredible what we can do as #ActiveCitizens thank you to @SeaShepherdSA and the local community #risesouthafrica #NewBeginnings @ChangeAgentSA @AshrafGarda


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