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One man got the whole country up in arms in less than an hour. Who is the phenomenon that we call “Julius #Malema”? How is it that everything that comes out of his mouth goes viral? Tonya Khoury talks us through the brand that is #Malema, with over 250000 items and 1m engagement, you have to give it to him, he had the media by the scrotum.

From a media monitor and analysis perspective, it’s quite easy to see why he has the media eating out of his hand, Julius makes sense, he addresses issues that are relevant and close to our hearts and then he throws fuel on them while social media lights the match. Our reaction may be good or bad, regardless he blankets the media coverage, every time!
This week we sat knee deep in #Sona (which for the most part was traumatic) and it has prompted this study on #Juju and the #EFFBrigade on social media. #Malema believes he has #parly “by the scrotum” and I’m not so sure about that, but I’m certain that Malema leads the week’s media headlines and he did so with a man that had been sitting in “his” house for 30 odd years. With over 1m engagements and a quarter of a million mentions this week alone largely due to #DeKlerk late last week, we all knew it was going to happen, and yet we followed like sheep as we all opened our eyes to a man who is an apartheid denialist. I must ask myself, how did we not notice before, why did it take Malema to point it out? #DeKlerk gave a dodgy interview and suddenly we realised he was alive? #EvenMe. #Ramaphosa called it treasonous and #DeKlerk apologised, that’s not enough surely?
It didn’t stop there, the #ANC threw a punch at #Malema’s wife and the #EFF punched back at the #PresidentRamaphosa’s late wife. #GenderBasedViolence became a political football as women watched in sheer horror at what was unfolding. We realised, again, that women are just a playing card in our country. The President apologised unequivocally to the nation and #Malema apologised too (sort of). Most of SA was disappointed in SONA for one reason alone, adults behaving like children cannot lead our country. Political electioneering is over, can we please get to work?
As if to prove this point, our children have been in the spotlight again this week, the #EnockMpianzi forensic report is apparently horrific and an 8yr old #TazneVanWyk was found dead in a drain and her perpetrator was out on bail!!
There was some work done this week, by #OUTA as #DuduMyeni finally gets her day in court, the woman who is so broke she can’t afford a ticket to fly to court, turned up in an outfit that was clearly worth more than most people earn in a year. She was unrepentant and if you believed her testimony, she wasn’t even in charge. In the #ZondoCommission we heard, from Mr X, how #Myeni and #Zuma channelled funds from the ailing airline. #DuduDenial is so unflattering.
#HelenZille took down her social media account because she was offended, how does it feel gogo? You’ve been offending this country for a very long time! It appears she can’t go without her tweet-fix though (sadly for the DA) she has opened an account called @zilletweets and she will decide who gets to read them. I think what you have forgotten #godZille is that social media doesn’t talk TO you it talks ABOUT you. If you’re on or off social, or part off, it doesn’t matter. @ZilleTweets’ profile picture alone is quite strange, whatever the reasoning behind her dramatic exit/return it was drowned out by SONA.
And then there is #Eskom, I suppose we should be happy they collected some of the stolen loot and are acting decisively however, as I write this I am working off my own power, if I was solely on the grid you wouldn’t be reading this report!
#UKZNProtests were also lost in the media noise this week, on any other week it would have been main news headlines.
The Communications Minister hasn’t been to Switzerland but has been to #Geneva, you can’t make this stuff up.
There was good news, the #Springboks won a #Laureus, but keep hiding because #ministerLuckyStar #TitoMboweni is about to bring out the #Budget2020
Across the waters a man shot 9 people, his mom and himself, however, he wasn’t brown so he can’t be a terrorist, nothing to see here folks.
ThisisacumenFebruary 13, 2020 at 6:18pm
What a busy week at Acumen Media, Tonya Khoury takes us through her opinion of #SONA and the #Joker:

This week we celebrated 30 years since #Madiba was released from prison, it doesn’t seem like 30 years as we have moved so slowly over three decades that it seems to be a reminder of our failure not our triumph. As if to prove this point, SONA infuriated me as Julius #Malemas #RedTide came barrelling into the event with a huge agenda, and after years of #DeKlerk attending #SONA on #Malema’s watch, last night was the night it was unacceptable. #PravinGordhan, the real target of the #RedBerets, got away with little heckling. #PointOfOrder were the words we heard every few seconds and it felt like the one who shouted the loudest got heard. In fact, #Buthelezi said as much, the elder being the one voice of reason in the house. There were lots for social media to get excited about though. The #OurPerfectWedding moment left many in stitches especially as the guy behind him slept with all the noise from the EFF. The #EFF supporters took great delight when the President was made to #SitDown. On a serious note though, #Juju is a master politician and he came with an agenda that was met, disrupt SONA, sew hate throughout the country. After a suspension of the house, the #EFF were not allowed back in and finally the nation got to hear the #President’s progress and future plans. Yet again, in true #Ramaphosa style, he tore the house down! Admissions of not coping on certain aspects and huge plans that are afoot for the youth in our country, had the house silent then roaring with applause, even from opposition parties. Thank you #MrPresident for restoring order in a place of great chaos. The case study included is on the conversation surrounding #SONA
As for the rest of the week, it was immensely busy, our #MissUniverse came home, #Eskom tried to rip us off again (nothing to see here), #Catzevelos’ sentenced was delayed, there was a fatal train crash and children are killing each other at school.
#MensConference for me, leaves a bitter aftertaste, with all the gender-based violence in this country, it is not humourous for women to watch men run away from any responsibility even when it is a money-making racquet, here’s a secret for you guys, most of us just want to be treated right every day, not just at your #MensConference nor in the #pikipikichallenge.
By far the saddest news of the week was the death of #JosephShabalala and the tributes to the great artist that flooded social media were sad and very special;
The #CoronaVirus will be done by April and a vaccine will be ready in 18 months, is it just me who doesn’t understand these government statements? While a cruise ship of holiday makers waits to die, we have the cure, but we can’t get it to the public for 18 months, is this the same people who can build two hospitals in six days? Is it only me that’s confused?
Over the waters, Hollywood had its own #SONA (oh no wait, that’s the wrong way round) and the Joker won… wait… is that #Sona or the #Oscars?
ThisisacumenFebruary 6, 2020 at 9:11pm
The Week in the Media with Tonya Khoury:

The Corona Virus is a international viral story (no pun intended) that has generated over 8m unique items over a 7 day period across the world. Here in South Africa it has filled timelines and we are seeing a bunch of “fake news” about how the Virus can be combatted. I think most South Africans can smell fake news by a mile, but the sheer level of fake media is ridiculous. There are recipes using “koeksoda” (I mean come on!), others stating that sleeping with an onion next to your head will prevent the virus – I think more like lots of smelly hair . SA DOH’s response of “being ready” for the virus made South African’s scream with laughter. The virus has hit SA, so it is real guys, but we are a tough nation and really we have big fish to fry, like Eskom and Zuma

The nation fumed at the SEO this week as the power cuts are insurmountable for the workforce, experts from across the board agree that our current infrastructure has the capacity to carry the nation but you need to actually feed the machine, imagine that? #Soweto became a large focus of the conversation with the amount of unpaid bills being #Eskom’s “lamb to the slaughter”

Sick notes are apparently blanket “get out of jail free” cards, as #Zuma wriggled to get out of going to court. Enter the #WarrantOfArrest for #Msholozi and the nation couldn’t cope – are we seeing justice or a PR spin coming out of our government? Could it possibly be true #ZumaInCourt?

#TitoMboweni is “not bothered” as he tweeted again this week with a picture of his hemp farm, taunting police to arrest him – Minister #LuckyStar is full of entertainment, much to the disgust of his comrades.

#Maimane and #Steenhuisen went toe to toe this week as the DA just gets further embroiled in its own mess, what happened with #TshwaneMayor #AskingforaFriend?

#Ramaphosa pulled a big rabbit out of hat with the Friendly Nations Agreement with Germany

#Woolworths has an issue with wearing “#isiphandla”, when will the big brands learn?

Across the waters – locusts take over most of Kenya and part of Trump’s wall blew down – oh and he was acquitted. *Yawn


November 27, 2019 at 7:18pm
And we're done in less than a few hours #Mbazwana is clean has water, sanitation and refuse. It's incredible what we can do as #ActiveCitizens thank you to @SeaShepherdSA and the local community #risesouthafrica #NewBeginnings @ChangeAgentSA @AshrafGarda


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