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Catch Tonya Khoury across media today as she wraps up another huge week in SA media
#AmINext converged with America’s #MeToo this week creating yet another international story that hit headlines across the world;
#Xenophobia took its ugly toll across the African continent and quickly became an international story over the past two weeks;
The data shows that the death of #RobertMugabe made a massive impact in SA, some messages are condolences and reference to the good work he did in the beginning of his term and then others focused on the atrocities under Mugabe’s regime
#HlaudiMotsoeneng left #JudgeZondo in stitches this week as one couldn’t help but laugh at the animation of his character. Yet another day in court for #Hlaudi today;
Two awful stories crossed our charts #RIPNatasha, yet another slain woman and #DrosRape case. #Ninow pleaded guilty and now the wheels of justice are turning;
#StateCaptureInquiry also saw the testimony from the #SABC8 over and above the huge impact of #hlaudimotsoeneng
The #VBS bank scandal continues to haunt #Malema although he has denied all the allegations
#Springboks squad and the racism story related to #Etzebeth made the team one of the largest contributors to the charts
#CrimeStats being released yesterday made a small impact in SA
Stories that didn’t make the charts and should have was the untimely deaths of #ChesterWilliams #ThamiShobebe. #TerryPheto won Best Actress too.
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How did we get here? Catch Tonya Khoury across media today as we wrap up Acumen Media's horrific statistics:

Apparently, it all started with a drug dealer and a taxi driver, but the #XenophobicAttacks spiraled from there. It moved within 24hrs from a violent tale to a South Africa in chaos, blood on the streets and our name being brandished by international press about our own racist behaviour. If it was a crusade against drugs that would be a different conversation but what we saw in Johannesburg and across the nation was nothing but looting, death and jaw-dropping behaviour. Calls for the President came from far and wide and when he did address SA we were not satisfied. Even #BhekiCele couldn’t restore calm. Within two days the #Xenophobia spread to the countries that were being vilified in SA, specifically Nigeria. South Africans abroad felt the return punches when MTN and Shoprite were attacked in Nigeria and the story spilt over to other African countries. Social media retaliated with #AfricaUnite and #UnitedAfrica but it was tiny in comparison to the ire of the continent.
Concurrently we heard of an endless set of harrowing stories where women and children were raped, murdered and shot. One women is murdered by a man every 4 hours in SA. This time women took to the streets and called on the President to put an end to this tyranny against women and children with #AmINext another global story
Other stories account for less than 5% of the charts but include #GavinWatson’s Memorial and how much #Zuma praised SA’s public enemy number 1 (or is that #Ace?) One often wonders if our attention is being diverted from the fact that one of the biggest looters of them all had a questionable end that we were all up in arms about? Just a thought!
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The #MediaHitParade is out with Tonya Khoury
Gavin Watson “allegedly” was killed in a solitary car crash with a pole. He was driving a Toyota Coralla and had no cellphone and R70 in his pocket. As the news made headlines, social media retaliated. Not a single post believes the story and we are baying for blood. The body was identified by the family and the family’s reconstructed investigation added to our anger;
#PretoriaCBD and the violence, xenophobia, taxi violence and police retaliation left an astonished social media audience and the images caused major distress;
#StateCaptureInquiry saw a witness flee in fear for her life as the testimony about #AceMagashule got more intense;
The #PublicProtector dropped her move to #Concourt making more senseless headlines, however the biggest story is the law is being changed to remove the PP;
#RamaphosaLeaks still a top story with the constant barrage of detail being bombarded in the media space;
#Eskom got #Medupi up and running – wasn’t that quick? However as a coal supply not as it was originally intended;
#NHIBill continues to cause conversation online and most is negative
#Gumede resigned, oh wait that was last week’s story, Gumede retracted her resignation, you can’t make this stuff up;
#BenSaid, veteran journalist, died in a diving accident in Mozambique and the #ENCA team lamented the good work he had done in his lifetime;
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Is it election time or does it just feel like it?
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