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#TonyasTakeout of the #AcumenMedia Report. We are all Karens ... it's time for uBaba to go to court. We need to speak to the manager. #JudgeZondo issues ultimatum
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#RaymondZondo has had enough – why haven’t we?
An Acumen Media Report

It was short but emotional week for me as I watched my superhero cry. #JudgeZondo was driven to tears at the #StateCaptureCommission. He heard, this week, that billions were plundered by the Human Settlements department housing project, at least 10bn was looted and not a single house was built. I think the last straw for the #chiefJustice was the testimony that 21m would have sufficed to rid a community of asbestos but the department (read Zwane & Ace) took that opportunity to turn the project into a 500 million a looting spree. No asbestos was removed. I don’t get it either #UncleRayRay, they could have at least given the 21 bar out of the 500 to do the project, we may even have clapped. It may have been this section of his day that choked up this legend or the fact that he had enough this week and set a non-negotiable date for Zuma to appear in court. I don’t blame you Sir, after almost 2 years of hearing what happened under Zuma’s watch I’d also be gatvol and want to speak to the manager, in fact Chief Justice, your patience is admirable but we can see that, even from you, the game cannot go on.

Karl Niehaus (without khakis this time) said that Zuma was singled out by #Zondo and the Zuma Foundation could not fathom why the same demand was not put on the likes of #Gordhan. The #ZumaFoundation called on #MogoengMogeng to put a stop to this “obsession” that Zondo has with Zuma. Listen up Karl and uBaba! We want to hear from the man who led this mess, not the man he fired and replaced with a weekend special. Like #RaymondZondo we are tired, frustrated and it is time to finish this. #WeAreKarens and we demand to speak to the manager.

While I too was crying for our beloved country, the news didn’t help, in fact it was unbearable to watch. The state of #EldoradoPark was exposed under the bail application of the accused in the murder of #NathanielJulies. There were many reasons to feel defeated, mostly because of a disabled child was murdered by the institutions meant to protect him, but there was more. The appalling quality of the legal teams makes you wonder if innocent people even stand a remote chance in our courts and if the guilty will ever see the orange overall. The story unravelled before our eyes. Scorpion (#AccusedNumber1), according to testimony, threatened #accusednumber2 and allegedly has made her admit to a crime she did not do and allegedly had #accusednumber3 tamper with the evidence while he was not even meant to be at work as he was on sick leave. Witnesses to the crime are pulling out at a rapid rate as death threats are handed out like we should be handing out jail time. #scorpion himself lied to the judge about the number of convictions he had. Yes, the head honcho at the police station is sporting not one, not two, but three criminal convictions that he received under his tenure at the police. Assault, GBH and malicious damage to property are all on the list, and not only did he not get any jail time, he is still the head of the police in Eldos. It is stories like this that make us furious and the chances are that if this man is given bail he will end up (at the very least) intimidating witnesses (some of which are the police themselves). Why hasn’t the country come to a standstill, why is #Clicks a bigger story than this? Where is your rage political parties?

Andile #BoboMbuthu, another child dumped in the river, for apparently stealing alcohol. Six men are accused of killing this child. They were denied bail but apparently one of them has a business to run so is walking around free as a bird. #OrangeFarm is on a child killing spree as another two bodies of our babies are found lying dead at the hand of some sicko. (Are you there #BhekiCele?) A man was arrested after a 14yr old girl’s body was found at a dumping site. These words, as harrowing as they are, are fitting. We regard our children as garbage.

#OnlyOneSA marched on the Nigerian Embassy demanding an end to #humantrafficking but had no evidence, #Nigeria responded and that was that. Another set of #Xenophobia to deal with as the children became the sub-narrative.

SAA needs funding, wait what? Didn’t a magician make the airline disappear and reappear with clean books? Why are we back to where we started? South Africa, are you tolerating this? That is the same R10bn that could build the houses in the Free State we spoke about. Can anyone who cares, please stand up?

There is some good news though, NY Court granted access to the #Guptas bank accounts in the US and #SARS sent them a bill for 105m. Maybe we can remove that asbestos now?

#HeritageDay has come and gone, as South Africans (who were able) set out for a long (but short) weekend. I am so glad for my little town, the revival of Sodwana is remarkable as not a single accommodation site is open and the tourist breath life back into our fragile community.

I suppose I must cheer you up, well there was #MyKreepyTeacher a spoof on #MyOctopusTeacher that was very clever and super cheeky. Exactly how I like it.

And here’s my funny story for the week, it’s based on a chop! You know the kind of guy I mean, a narcissist, the type of guy that thinks women should be Stepford wives. Ah #DonovanTooth you made me laugh so much this week. In case you missed it, this guy took to social media to have a rant about non-perfect women daring to show their bodies. Imagine if this guy actually got his wish, you cannot name a me a woman who hasn’t had issues with her body in her life that has taken her entire self-esteem to rectify or accept the skin she’s been given. The #FatShamer quickly got hammered by social media, at first, I thought it was a publicity stunt because it was so brazen, but it turns out he is just not very bright. His “employer” #PandaClothing came out with a statement distancing the brand from old Dono the dodo, but within seconds social media revealed that he is, in fact, the sole director in the range of clothing that, incidentally, only ranges to the size Medium. I laughed, how quickly you became an #ExtinctPanda, beauty doesn’t equal brains does it? I take it intelligence is not one of the traits you value hey Donovan? The world though, believes that idiots shouldn’t be on social media. So we put a stop to that – all shapes and sizes of us.

I found this week’s report more depressing than most weeks – I hope wherever you are this long weekend that you have moments of peace and generosity along your journey through our beautiful but damaged country.
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#Level1#Aced it! - A Thisisacumen Report 7 days by Tonya Khoury

#AceMagashule, my favourite to hate, made headlines this week as he and his chommies hitched a lift to Zimbabwe under the ANC banner using government funding. Karima Brown tore chunks out of the defence spokesperson and the #ANC spun so hard they flip over and capitulated. So much easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission right? The #President is insisting on answers and that phrase about giving a man enough rope still comes to mind. Please can we finally play the Ace card? Just a few weeks back #Magashule said he “would never step aside due to corruption allegations”, we didn’t ask you to “step aside” Ace, we expect you to go to jail. The chips are down now.

#LevelOne! Keep the masks on and dance to #Jerusalema on #HeritageDay – that was the President’s message. I will be dancing to #MasterKG Mr President, but not because you told me to, because #MasterKG saved 2020, not the #ANC. After we’ve danced, we will take our broken but spirited South African bodies back to work to mend the things that your party broke, while our opposition sat back and said nothing. Please reveal your hand soon #PresidentRamaphosa, less headlines and more action. We need it.

#Ndlozi and #Malema’s assault case was postponed, that’s the one relating to discharging a firearm in public. (We all need clarity when it comes to the EFF and the courts). #Delille admitted that she ignored several steps in appointing a media monitoring company, #OryxMedia, to do work. From a person who has worked in the industry for twenty odd years, who is Oryx Media? There are only a handful of us media monitors in SA and Oryx has never come across my desk, ever. Yet they are awarded a very difficult and highly scientific mandate to a firm that obviously farmed this out of one of my colleagues. No wonder I never get these jobs, I actually know what I’m doing! #Gumede gears up for court and comes under fire for supporting her “rent-a-crowd” outside the courts.

#AndileLungsta went to jail! He is serving two years for assault with a water jug in a parliamentary session four years ago. Yip a simple assault took four years to serve justice. He is so guilty that there is a video of the assault, if he was tried and sentenced straight away, he would be home and dry by now. I don’t get it.

As if in stark contrast to all these awful reminders of the politics around us, #AdvocateGeorgeBizos was laid to rest in a magnificent tribute to an exemplary human being this week, my word how much poorer we are South Africa.

The funeral industry is in tatters with #AFPO on strike and undertakers calling for the right to outsource. Coffins lined up on the N2 in a startling show of relevance. I have a friend who has been waiting for an autopsy report for nine months (that’s pre-Covid) only to be told that the Joburg Morgue is backlogged on autopsy reports all the way back to mid-2019 – How did they get out the #Covid numbers? #Askingforafriend, literally.

My favourite series #StateCapture was on fire again this week as #SuzanneDaniels also dropped files on the #Guptas #Myeni and more. I really want to encourage you to watch this at least once a week, you will feel better, I promise you!

Nonkululeko Gobodo (non-Executive) Director of #Clicks resigned. Good for her. #Ndlozi apologised for that “merely touching her is not harassment” tweet, that took a while right? #ToneDeafEFF

A 16year old decapitated a 17year old. A child was snatched in broad daylight at a restaurant, the kidnapper was caught and I hope SA makes an example of him. #HandsOffOurChildren

#Eskom lied and there is a #Stage6 – what does that even mean? It is too #2020 for my brain. Ok so they lied, and it made headlines? Yawn, they’ve kept us in the dark for an age. What did wake me up was that Eskom now accepts land in the form of payment for arrears?! Yes, you read right, 139 farms were given to Eskom in lieu of R2.5bn. Guys what part of “short of cash” did you miss? How long will it take to sell those farms and to whom? Is this another one of those funny line entries on accounting spreadsheets? Is this farmland going to go toward land re-distribution and if so who is paying for it? There must be cash, no more funny numbers.

Have you downloaded the #CovidApp? I have a tiny feeling that this app is going to bomb, wonder how much we paid for it?
#AbrahamAccords is a “peace deal”, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m too busy watching #Gaza burn.

Netflix has been a big topic this week with #TheSocialDilemma, a doccie that will make you understand how social media works, don’t be surprised or delete your apps, you knew this already, as much as you don’t want to accept it, you’re hooked, the best advice is to manage your content consumption. #MyOctopusTeacher made the whole of SA cry as a SA doccie made it to the top of the Netflix charts. As a diver I have always had extraordinary experiences with creatures under water, we can all learn a great deal from nature. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, you’ll join the hype and maybe end up learning to dive.

I met an old man in Mozambique once, he was sea-worn and had a long silver beard. After an incredible dive, I asked him if he enjoyed himself as much as I did, his answer was “Diving is the single strongest argument for the existence of God”. That’s where I’m going to be this weekend, under the waves, appreciating life without noise.

Wonder if it’s quiet on Venus? Oh wait, the answer is no.
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The Clicks saga in four slides using the Acumen Media Technology


March 12, 2020 at 8:27pm
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Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
We fetched our nationals from #WuHan, surreal to see our President walking with a face mask at ORT. #Limpopo is in uproar that the repatriated citizens are being placed in a quarantined hotel in their province. @ThisIsAcumen Report Pt12
March 12, 2020 at 8:27pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
#coronavirus feels like a #ZombieApocalypse, yet we are repeatedly told this is “just a bad dose of flu”, most of us will survive and be good to go in two weeks or so”, so why are we locking down total countries? I must say I think I smell a rat. @ThisIsAcumen Report Pt12
March 12, 2020 at 8:27pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
So here we are, the world economies are tanking, #toiletpaperwars, mass confusion and a conversation that produced over 671m results in one week. Yes 671 million! Here in SA over 1.2m people are talking about it in a 7 day period.
@ThisIsAcumen Report Pt11
March 12, 2020 at 8:26pm
Coming up on @SAfmRadio woth @PhemeloMotene #lifeHappens
Tonya Khoury @ThisIsTonya
#Trump tells the world #Covid_19 has little impact on “American People” & declared “war on the FOREIGN virus”. Do you mean Caucasian people? #AskingForAFriend because you don’t get much whiter than the UK, Donnie. @ThisIsAcumen Report Pt10


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