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Black Friday online trading volumes spiked by 400% on 29 November, compared to an average trading day. Overall there was a 35% year-on-year transactional volume growth...
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Acumen Media’s #TheGood, #TheBad, (#TheBrand) and #TheHaibo!
Week Ending 6th December 2019, 7 Day Insights
THE GOOD: Our beloved #Arch #DesmondTutu was in hospital this week but is on the road to recovery, the nation always holds its breath when #TheArch is not well and the outpouring of love and well wishes certainly deserves the #GoodPile; National Assembly stands behind the decision to fire Mrwebi and Jiba, not sure why we are still talking about this, shouldn’t they be in orange overalls by now? Regardless I assume this is “good news” just a little late.
We have a new mayor in Johannesburg, #GeoffMakhubo – some are not so happy, but at least there is a mayor, at one stage we were running around without leadership looking at a possible election. An ANC majority pushed #Makhubo through, next stop #Tshwane? #TshwaneMayor #JoburgMayor. #StateCaptureInquiry hotted up this week as we saw testimony from #Oliphant that was cringe-worthy and we learnt of various cross examinations that have been approved. Mantashe can cross-examine Agrizzi and #RediThlabi may even cross examine #Zuma. #Zuma’s retort was that he didn’t “fancy” Redi and that’s why she’s angry… let’s pause here a minute... it’s #16days and the ex-president of our country is saying that the woman who wrote about #RememberKhwezi is giving him a bad time because he doesn’t “want” her. #Zuma has until Monday to make his submission to #JudgeZondo. We women are behind you #RediThlabi do it for all of us! The long-awaited #LandExpropriationBill has been gazetted, many asked what took so long but it’s a step forward. We take what we can get on the #GoodPile

THE BAD: #StevensMogalapa has left the building as the #TshwaneMayor, he was axed with a motion of no-confidence, is this the first time we’ve seen this motion work in SA? I have dejavu from #zuma days and the #DA trying time and time again to get him removed, in this instance though, the DA abstained from the proceedings, I feel like I’m back in #Mzansipoli. #PreciousRamabulana remained in the headlines this week as we learnt that her killer has a pending rape case. Why is he even allowed on SA’s streets? Is it only me who finds this entire #16day narrative completely unacceptable, and just as we were feeling exasperated as a female gender, #GomolemoLegae, 18 years old, raped, stabbed and burnt alive? South Africa! Hey! Wake Up! #RiseSAWomen #Rise. We also learned this week of 29-year-old man faced 62 counts relating to various charges, including 19 counts of rape, 10 counts of kidnapping, one count of murder and nine counts of housebreaking, his youngest victim was 12 years old – how long has this monster been walking the streets and how are we going to handle this case? Here’s an opportunity #MrPresident to make an example and show the vulnerable of your society hope. And then as for #AuntyPat, did you really give us a toll-free number to call to sort out this scourge?
#Eishkom is at it again as we are warned of further #blackouts and #Stage2 hits Gauteng – didn’t we just fork out R50bn?
And what on earth is going on at #CricketSA, forensic audits, senior parties exiting in their droves and a massive spotlight falls on the sport and its custodians, something wicked this way comes. #Catzevelos pleads “guilty”, well I should think so, did you see the video you created Adam?

Deon Wiggett, author of “My Only Story” must be the most ingenious way to catch a paedophile and create a book. Willem Breytenbach became the focus of a manhunt as the story broke in podcasts, one episode at a time. Many came forward having shared the same experience as Wiggett and now Breytenbach has been found and is undergoing investigation. #BlackFriday was a hit with sales hitting R6BN!!!! That’s over double from last year – WOW, for brands involved it had little glitches and in comparison, to previous years, the madness was quelled well.
#DataMustFall finally sees the light of the #competitionCommission, with #MTN and #Vodacom the nation rejoices as the ridiculous pricing may finally come down. The UN declared the internet a #HumanRight a few years back and it’s time we got ours! #Ford and its flawed #Kuga offered a R50k settlement for the burning cars and agreed to a R35m fine. This is my brand fail @Ford, why didn’t you give each client a new car and accept liability straight away? The brand damage is far bigger than R35m and I’m sure that a new car for all the clients that had a problem would have cost you less on the bottom line and on your reputational balance sheet which is currently sitting at -75%, see the stats produced by Thisisacumen

SAA goes into business rescue, while the culprit, #DuduMyeni sues #OUTA for #ReputationalDamage. #OUTA have ensured that #Myeni never trades again as a director in South Africa – Haibo! Maimane & Mashaba join forces – Haibo?
#DurbanSchool was burnt down by pupils who were unhappy with their marks #Haibo Another mayor was hoofed Nelson Mandela Bay #Bobani he also lost the confidence vote #Haibo #Shivambu was in court for that “throttling a journalist” thing – the calibre of our political leader is #Haibo #BosasaAuction has all glued to social media to catch a glimpse of the spoils of #StateCapture, we weren’t disappointed, Haibo! Foreign nationals outside the UN have been served with papers and are asked to live permanently in SA – was that just a full circle? #Haibo I can’t with #ElonMusk, his “pedo guy” comment was up in court and this is what he said: “Musk and his lawyers claim that "pedo guy" is a common insult in South Africa used to mean "creepy guy" and was not a factual statement against Unsworth.” – Hey Saffers? Have you EVER used this term? First, he denies being a South African but then, he blames us for his horrific behaviour. Come on HAIBO

Tonya Khoury| Tel: +27 738745377| @thisistonya |
BIG Disclaimer: The summaries above are the opinions of Tonya Khoury as her and her team measured the stories of the week.
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Acumen Media’s #TheGood, #TheBad, (#TheBrand) and #TheHaibo!
Week Ending 29th November 2019, 7 Day Insights
THE GOOD: Oh! It feels so good to hear that #Eskom’s looters have started to #paybackthemoney. I have never seen #Eskom in the good pile and even though they are at a R20bn loss, we learnt this week that #Trillian is to pay back R600m, McKenzie have paid back 1Billion! #JabuMabuza says the new CEO, #AndreDeRuyter, is the best man for the job, are we finally on the road to recovery?
More good news, #Transnet will be the first subject to prosecution under #StateCapture – wheels of justice are turning SA!
#MoShaik turned up at the #StateCaptureInquiry, seems he is one person who doesn’t have the “#Shaiks” and he didn’t hold back, claiming that #zuma stopped all investigation into the #guptas

THE BAD: As the #PresidentRamaphosa launched the #16DaysOfActivism campaign, we learnt of the horrific death of 21-year-old #PreciousRamabulana, raped and stabbed 52 times, read that again, raped and stabbed 52 times! Perhaps because I’m a woman I don’t understand what is happening here. Why do we even need a campaign of #16days? Do we need this new hashtag #BeAccountable – honestly, is that the best we have got - are we saying #OwnUp? Please don’t tell me this is our message, it should be #DontBeAMonster or we #LockYouUp. And this should be a #365day action plan not just talk. This story has broken many hearts as we relive #RIPKarabo and all the other horrors we have seen our women and children experience. #LockEmUp #MrPresident and stop being a nice guy here, we need examples and MANY of them!

Brave policemen risked their lives in the #WestvilleShootOut and we should honour those who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe. #Christmas is upon us, and the crime stats are out of hand. #SAA, post the mother of all strikes, left workers part paid. Where is #DuduMyeni, #justSaying? I’m not sure which pile this should be in, but here we have #Mkhwebane, #Gordhan and #EFF face off in Constitutional Court. A good reason for the #badPile is because we are wasting precious time South Africa – Hurry up and work! #CTDrownings left many shocked, the loss of precious life left a pit in all our stomachs.

#BlackFriday is upon us and currently running at over 4 Million unique posts in the past 7 days, but only 100+k in SA, this will grow today to triple that at least, as the brands hold on for the annual chaos, the engagement rates are high and the demographics are young! Check out our special #BlackFridayMe attachment for fascinating stats and as it’s #BlackFriday it’s free – just call me to see you brand working live in our tool!

The biggest brand win must be #nandos again this week as the launch of their new ad #Mzansipoli and it is sheer genius. I personally have watched that ad over 20 times and I see something new every time. #WeveBeenPlayed, do you see it #Mzansi? Do you? Watch again!

And then this, #Gauteng is left in disarray as mayors exit and political bartering begins, rumour has it that the #EFF will vote with the #ANC in the #joburgMayor debacle hoping for reciprocity of the #EFF taking over #Tshwane, what a fascinating time we live in. Oh #DA what are you doing? Seems like you are leaving the political arena completely except in the #WesternCape? There is a call for a #GautengElection too. All sorts of stories of corruption and sexual deviance are rife. #Haibo!
Another #KZNTornado – that’s 4 in as many weeks? Haibo!
#Malema said he shot a toy gun at the rally – is the word #Haibo enough? Sounds like a #Trump move to me.
The President withdrew from #ChairmansConversation #Haibo

Across the borders, #zimbabwe is talking about a silent #genocide as healthcare and energy move out of the country along with other critical services. How did you go so wrong neighbour? If feels like we were celebrating for you just the other day.
Prince Andrew is finally revealed to have behaved in a manner “not becoming” of a royal, in other words he is accused of paedophilia. #BillCosby shows no remorse – maybe they need #16days?
Then this #ticktok story doesn’t make any sense, is #Trump supporting #Muslims because of a social media user? And #China cares? I smell a rat!
Trump’s head has been photoshopped onto #Rocky Bilboa’s body and I can’t cope. Oh and Apple changed the world map - Haibo?

Tonya Khoury| Tel: +27 738745377| @thisistonya |
BIG Disclaimer: The summaries above are the opinions of Tonya Khoury as her and her team measured the stories of the week.
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And we're done in less than a few hours #Mbazwana is clean has water, sanitation and refuse. It's incredible what we can do as #ActiveCitizens thank you to @SeaShepherdSA and the local community #risesouthafrica #NewBeginnings @ChangeAgentSA @AshrafGarda


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